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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Money, Politics, the Occupy Movement and Youtube

I've been envisioning what an occupy movement would look like in Japan.
The most appropriate target seems like TEPCO,
the corporation responsible for the nuclear meltdown.
Like the Wall Street banks,
they are also receiving a huge government bailout,
as they are "too big to fail."
This is a most catastrophic tragedy on so many levels.

I just met a man who is planning to dismantle TEPCO, and he made a interesting case about how it is a matter of time before they go bankrupt.

I also just found out that there is an encampment around the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (also heavily responsible for the nuclear meltdown and aftermath) that started on 11/11 with 1300 people. It is a month long demonstration. This follows a ten day encampment of women from all over Japan at the same location. Looks like things are picking up in Japan. Still, as expected, there is hardly any media coverage and its hard to gauge how many people support this movement in Japan.

Anyways, while researching about Occupy Wall Street,
I came across this impassioned man shouting about money and politics.
He has a website with a petition to pass a constitutional amendment
to "get money out of politics."

and as a bonus
Charlie Chaplin with an amazing speech.

Join the movement for sanity
and happiness for all.

Starts in the mind,
manifests on the streets,
and grows with each generation.

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