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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More information on giftisim (gift economy, gift ecology)

Hey all
I'm in Bali for a break, been super active with the Tokyo Urban Permaculture book project, and now that its published, I just got busier!!! More on that hopefully later or see my last article about it (we sold out the first 2000 copies we printed in a few weeks).

I just got an email from several giftivists (those who practice gift economics or live in the gift ecology, click here for more info), and I want to share them. These are some of the people who have inspired me greatly, and continue to do so.

And for those who are emailing me, thanks!!! I'm snailing on the responses, but they are in my consciousness. The best way to meet me is to come to my workshop/event since that is what I'll be doing almost everyday until early April. And reminder emails are super welcome. I suffer sometimes from an abundance of emails!!!
Please check Tokyo Urban Permaculture for events (sorry its in Japanese).

FIRST: Mark Boyle the moneyless manifesto man.

I volunteered at an event/movement he catalyzed called the Freeconomy festival. He is one of my early inspirations into the whole gift thing. Below is his email:


Imagine having a naturally-built & free venue where you and others can stay, do workshops or team-building weekends, drink home-brew and eat zero-miles food, attend shindigs and skill-sharing evenings, or play games, retreat and relax in -- all entirely for free, and which you could use whenever you needed it?

Well, hopefully soon you can! We're in the second phase of creating it (I've attached a pic of it so far), and are crowdfunding to make it happen. While we give our time for free, we need your help with the initial construction costs. You can support it here (or share with anyone who may be interested):

You can also choose from a whole selection of rewards including courses in living without money, wild food, acrobalance, writing, yoga, your choice of three books personalised for you, weekend and week-long retreats both here at An Teach Saor and Earthwise Yoga Retreat, or an invite to a feast at our launch weekend ... and lots more!

I'd love to see some of you over here soon! x

Here is more on him: Mark Boyle:

SECOND: my new hero Pancho, sent me a bunch of info on how giftivism
  • Through sister Yuka and us you've heard already of Karma Kitchen. There's more you can learn about it here.
  • I know that brother Kazu Haga  is also doing something along those lines with the East Point Peace Academy and his gift-economics.
And of course you can learn more about our philosophy around service and how we are trying to move from a shared economy to a gift-ecology.

THIRD: my other new hero who I have yet to meet, Nipun emailed me in response to Pancho

In addition to what Pancho shared, here are some documents/videos/articles that you may like to read ... 

Its a lot of info I know! I'm snailing (or planning to snail) through them, but in the mean time, I though I'd share the love.

The forefront of my adventure is gifitivism, urban permaculture (with a focus on CULTURE), and mindfulness.


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