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Monday, June 29, 2015

Permaculture film INHABIT and thoughts on social justice


Hey all
Back in Hayama, Japan. Its such a beautiful place with ocean and forest (sort of reminds me of Santa Cruz, CA). The garden I left for a month is bumpin with veggies, surprise! Plant it then forget it....and come back to abundance. That's the power of permaculture design.

While on my life-changing Bay Area tour that included, visiting activists, Gift Ecology Pilgrimage, and the Nonviolent Communication Leadership Program, I was taken by my co-revolutionary Eri to a showing of Inhabit at Impact HUB Oakland. It was quite a culture shock just coming back from Japan, seeing African-American women on stage talking about social justice (especially in the wake of a series of high profile police violence incidences and media attention on persistent structural racism) to a mostly white audience. The theme was permaculture and it was an interesting discussion although I was too culture shocked and jet lagged to fully appreciate it (it was the day after I arrived from Japan).

Below is the event description.

TOPIC: "Evolving the Voice of Permaculture: Race and Gender Inclusivity"
Moderated by Calgary Brown, Impact Hub Oakland & Permaculture Student at the Regenerative Design Institute

The event description:

The culture shock for me comes from the fact that I basically only see Japanese people every day, and social justice seems like a very niche subject in Japan. When I talk about it people sort of stare at me like they sort of get it or like I'm an alien that speaks really good Japanese. The recent tension around US bases in Okinawa might be growing awareness about social justice issues and structural discrimination.

From my experience around permaculture circles, I haven't really heard much about politics x permaculture, and social justice x permaculture. But it seems so fundamental! If permaculture is to have a major positive impact on society and civilization, its hard to imagine not having evolutionary engagement with these pernicious thrones that continue to wound us. Harmful politics and oppressive regimes won't just fizzle out (with or without collapse).

Things do seem to be changing though. And Oakland is a great place for this dialogue to be cultivated, along with many other cities like Detroit and LA (sorry for being US-centric, its where I'm most familiar with). The problem is the solution. We can do this, if our hearts are really into it. A world for the 100%.

Back to the movie.....

The movie INHABIT was really amazing and I wanted to share this far and wide (although I don't know if many people read this blog). Please do share this in your own capacity. Its super beautiful done, concentrated with wisdom, and an exciting (US-centric) mix of permaculture practiced in different contexts. In two words, "its awesome!"

INHABIT: A Permaculture Perspective from Costa on Vimeo.

Before the feature film, they showed the video below. Its a Oakland hip hop style garden and interview with humor and important issues woven in. I'm excited about the diversity of people that permaculture is inspiring. The plants don't discriminate and the Earth accepts all life.

As a bonus, below are my permaculture teachers back in the day. Meet them if you haven't! Its missing Yuriko Bullock who is an expert of happiness!
*the Bullocks start at 3:10

If you haven't seen the other Global Garderners videos, definitely check them out. Bill is brilliant and it's nice to see examples of permaculture in various contexts.

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