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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The War Industry 戦争産業

Apologies for not updating much but I am about to take off to my next adventure. Lots of half written pieces.....also know as clutter.

Anyways, doesn't this seem crazy?!
BBC today

US confirms $60bn plan to sell Saudi Arabia arms

State department official Andrew Shapiro on the "tremendous significance" of the sale
US officials have confirmed they intend to sell $60bn (£38bn) of arms to Saudi Arabia.....If completed, it could be the most lucrative single arms deal in US history and could support 75,000 jobs.

The military-industrial complex in your face.
and who will be the target for $60bn worth of weapons?

and also in the news.....

China is trying to prevent a report which says Chinese bullets have been used against peacekeepers in Darfur from being published
The report says that a dozen different brands of Chinese bullet casings have been found in Darfur, some at sites where attacks on UN troops took place
The panel has previously claimed that large amounts of foreign arms and ammunition are being trafficked into Darfur and fuelling the conflict between the government and rebel groups
The UN says that about 300,000 people have been killed in Darfur and more than 2.6 million displaced since rebels took up arms there in 2003.

Weapons for wars in developing countries are made in our country and sold to corrupt governments and militant groups. Please just think about that for a second, because it just doesn't seem to me like we can dismiss that reality and continue on with our everyday lives. Does this not warrant a pause? A desire? An action and then a chain of actions?

And what happens to those jobs when they finish making the weapons for the Saudi's? In this design, peace in the middle east or Saudi post peak oil will lead to the loss of 75,000 jobs (of course its a simplification but perhaps with some truth in it).

If you are interested in more about this subject, check out
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Also, if you haven't already seen the documentaries Why We Fight and Blow Back, I highly recommend it to put perspective on this issue. They are quite well done.
You can watch it here
Super cool site where you can watch tons of amazing and mediocre documentaries.

I want to recommend a bunch of documentaries but I feel like planting seeds for WE: Arundhati Roy. Also available at She will take you on a journey of heartful lyrical eloquence about our world and expose the injustices while elevating our souls for a better future. We.


  1. While you're on the subject of good links, check out Global Oneness Project (, an online film library (free downloads, free dvds if you agree to a screening) whose subject matter is broad and resonant with this blog (plus, I used to be its educational director until two weeks ago, so i'm only slightly biased. :-)

    Alan Zulch