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Monday, November 22, 2010

Nut Quiz 2 クイズ (ナッツ編第二段)

More nuts to be quizzed on!
These are all grown on the homestead.

Lets start with an easy one....

Hint: Make a guess before you read on..........if you look at the brown ones in the picture you'll probably get it.

This next one is my favorite nut. Especially good in cake:)

Hint: well the cake is called Mont Blanc in Japan but is originally a French invention, probably in Paris. I think this nut has the highest carbohydrate content for nuts that grow on the West Coast. I also love the Asian street vendors selling bags of fresh hot X-nuts.


This next one is quite exciting. Yes they can be grown in the North West! Strong amaretto flavor...mmmm.


So, I figured I need to put answers up somewhere in case you just needed confirmation. But, I do want to invite you to utilize your mental faculties and figure it out:)

1. TOP nut 上
2. MIDDLE nut 真ん中
3. BOTTOM nut 下 (no wikipedia for this one so its raintree nursery)

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