To help transition Japan to a peace promoting post-carbon country while enjoying every step of the process.
僕のビジョンは、祖国日本で、平和文化を育みポストカーボン(Post-Carbon) 社会を促進してゆく事です。

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Updates and Invitation to participate on our Gift Ecology experiment!


Below is a write up from Eri since I'm snailing with all my tasks! Lots more details I want to add so I will do that in the next few days. The link above has pictures and videos of me explaining my understanding of the gift ecology (starting from our breath), and an explanation about how this tour came about.

-----------below is my super organizer partner Eri Suzuki-------------

Updates and Invitation to participate on our Gift Ecology experiment!
It’s been two months since we embarked on this experimental project. Here are some updates on our gift ecology based “Life Transforming California permaculture tour.” In this project we are offering an experiential tour showcasing Bay Area’s leading models of urban permaculture, agroecology and concrete examples of life in the gift ecology.

Here are some updates and reflection so far from Eri.
We received over 40 applications and we have selected 12 participants!
It’s been quite exciting but also challenge to make this a reality. I’ve been learning what it really means to make the tour as a gift and what it takes to make this a successful project.
I participated at Karma Kitchen and here is what I’ve learned as a key. The most important thing is to cultivate the sense of abundance. A gift becomes the true gift when it is given without expectations and this shift the mentality from transaction and what is exchanged no longer becomes a commodity. The receivers of the gifts are then moved to pay forward the gifts that they have received, and this is how the community of gifts spreads.
My experience with Karma kitchen made me want to make our tour to be the trigger of the ripple effects of gift community in Japan. The Karma kitchen started with the group of people who believed in the vision and contributed in the way then can providing resources like initial funding, ingredients for food, location for the restaurant, and man power for cooking, and serving etc. and the cycle of gifts all started.
This tour is at this first stage for the cycle of gifts! It’s been incredible how much support and encouraging word I have received from people that I shared the story with. I have been learning so much through this experience and I wish to share this experience with others. I would like too invite people to join in so we can all feel the sense of abundance we can create together in resources and in capital (both monetary and socially).
It was so inspiring for me to see people approaching us offering a support. For me, getting more and more people coming to us offering help is the proof of the power of gift ecology. Through this attempts, we are creating an ecosystem of support. I am so grateful and excited to share this experience with them.
In this perfect timing, a wonderful support came from Rie in Japan.
Here are some messages from her to invite more people to join her!
Hi, this is Rie. I am starting to support the operation in Japan. Here is a little about me and the reason why I wanted to join to support.
I work for a company in Tokyo. Whenever I interact with young people lately, I feel they have so much potential but no energy. I think it may be due to some distrust to the society and the inter-generational conflicts that became more pronounced in Japan after the earthquake and increased unemployment. Whatever the reason may be, I want them to have more hope and create the world they want to live. As a way to start supporting this vision, I decided to help this tour.
I have received many gifts in my life. I am in contact with Kai and Eri who have the wonderful vision and courageously putting it into action. Having to work with them itself is a gift for me. To connect with others and create a future together is a wonderful gift. Whether you give or receive, it is a gift of exciting experience regardless of the involvement. Come join me to the world of gift!
The gifts offered to us so far
*Kai: Community building in Japan, desing and coordinate tour, interpreting, providing workshop during the tour
*Eri: Community building in Bay area, communication in Japan and Bay area, tour arrangement, interpreting, translating,
*Rie: Tour operational support in Japan, communication in Japan
*Pancho and Sam: East Bay accomodation and guide
*Ayako: East Bay accomodation
*Bonnie, Allison, Wakana:     East Bay guide
*Wakana, Yuka,  Bill:  East Bay meals
Our Needs: Costs to cover
$50 per nights ×3 nights ×14people
Car rental
$90× 2 mini van ×10 days
Gas etc
For tour guide
$100 per person per day x 6
Flight for Kai

  • Eri and Kai are working to get accommodation from friends, many started to offer to be the guide as a gift and we are looking for innovative ways to reduce our cost.
Three of us have worked really hard and enjoyed the process to meet the challenge to practice gift ecology. We are inviting more people to join this trial as a gift supporter!
We are mainly looking for a support in Japan but wherever you are, if you wish to contribute, please let us know.
Please fill in the following form if you want to join us as a supporter.
①    Funding support
For those who wish to support the tour and the gift ecology project beyond the tour, please let us know. Those in Japan can deposit the money in the following account. Please send us your message, too!

From Yucho bank:
Yucho bank
■Account name
(TUP パーマカルチャー道の会)
From the bank other than Yucho bank
Yucho bank
■Account name
(TUP パーマカルチャー道の会)
■Code for bank type
■Brunch number
■Brunch name
〇二八 店(ゼロニハチ店)
■Account number
②    Operational support → Starting with running the tour and other projects beyond
No needs for professional experience if you have a heart to help! But if you have any, please let us know if you have any area of expertise that you want to contribute.
③ Program/Project support → Starting the tour, we would like to spread the community of gift ecology. If you like to go for the journey for the gift world in hosting the event for us, in PR, in support for event planning and management, please let us know!
For questions, please contact us here (to Rie)

Thank you so much!!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Symphony of Peace Prayers 2015 (+ the Future of Leadership Forum)

English first


Today, I'm helping out with the Future Of Leadership Forum in Tokyo. This started last year when Lynn Twist came to Japan. Then tomorrow, my good friend and giftivist Yuka Saionji invited me to the event below. I'm just so grateful to have so many friends who live to bring peace in themselves and in the world. We have an abundance of creative young peacemakers!!! Thank you thank you thank you.

2015 Symphony of Peace Prayers ceremony, to be held on May 17, 2015 at Fuji Sanctuaryand around the world.

Every year, the SOPP at Fuji is a large-scale event, welcoming many thousands of participants along with an international group of prayer leaders and guests. This year, we are hosting a very special SOPP, in which leaders in many different fields-including politics, business, science, education, and the arts-will join with religious and spiritual leaders from around the world to celebrate the inauguration of the Fuji Declaration.

The Fuji Declaration is an international charter that seeks to awaken the sacred consciousness-the divine spark-in all humanity, in order to spur a transformation in our civilization and create a more peaceful, harmonious way of life on the planet Earth. The declaration has been endorsed by a wide range of prominent individuals around the world who support its ideals and goals.

As a global celebration of harmony and oneness where people from all different backgrounds join together to pray for peace and create a better world, the SOPP at Fuji Sanctuary was seen as the perfect occasion to inaugurate this historic document. Already, the staff of Byakko Shinko Kai are busy preparing and upgrading the grounds of Fuji Sanctuary to get ready for this momentous occasion!

SOPP2014-flags-captionAnd of course, the 2015 SOPP will include its core programs of ‘Praying with the Religions of the World’ and ‘Prayers for Peace in Each Country and Region’. We are looking forward to conducting these programs with the many new guests and participants who will be experiencing them for the first time. It is our hope that in launching the Fuji Declaration amidst the harmonious, unifying energy of the SOPP, the combined power of these two events will further expand their reach, urging humanity to awaken to its true, divine nature even one day sooner.

The 2015 SOPP ceremony at Fuji Sanctuary is free of charge and open to all. Please contact us if you are interested in attending or need further information. The ceremony will also be broadcast live over the internet, and we invite everyone to tune in. The link for the webcast will be posted here closer to May 17.

Even if you will not be in Japan this May, we hope you will take part in the SOPP by attending or organizing a local ceremony or prayer gathering. The SOPP website has a map with events taking place around the world, and many inspiring resources to help you create your own beautiful peace gathering. If you will be hosting an event or even praying at home on your own, please register on the SOPP website and let us know about it! The more people who take part, the stronger the vibrations of peace and harmony we will send out across the world!

May Peace Prevail on Earth!



Symphony of Peace Prayersとは「シンフォニー・オブ・ピース・プレーヤーズ(SOPP)」は、さまざまな宗教を信仰する人々が一堂に会し、輝かしい未来の平和を創造してゆくための聖なる場であります。
― 富士聖地SOPPでの西園寺昌美のスピーチより



2013年2月14日、アメリカ・ニューヨークの国際連合本部総会議場で、「United for a Culture of Peace Through Interfaith Harmony(宗教間の調和を通じた平和の文化のための結束)」という行事が開催され、第2部の中で「シンフォニー・オブ・ピース・プレヤーズ(SOPP)」が行なわれました。このプログラムでは、11人の宗教代表者が、各宗教宗派の平和の祈りを行ない、その冒頭で、本会西園寺昌美会長が、SOPPの提唱者としてスピーチを行ないました。

Thursday, May 7, 2015

5/10/2015 Wake Up! Day of Mindfulness + Flash mob in Tokyo

若者たちの瞑想会を開催!! 5/10(日)は原宿駅に集まれ★

Friends, join us for a Wake Up flash mob meditation and gathering with Plum Village monks and nuns on the 10th of May at Harajuku Bridge in Tokyo! Young people of all ages are welcome. Bring a vegetarian potluck dish to join us for lunch.

■Wake Up!って??

以下は詳細↓ English below
11:20 原宿駅に集合
11:30 原宿橋にてフラッシュモブ瞑想 鐘がなったら開始だよ
11:50 瞑想終了→公園へ移動(歩く瞑想)
12:30 食べる瞑想(おにぎり交換会)
13:30 ミニシェアリング&歌をうたおう♪
14:00 横になる瞑想
15:00 シェアリング
16:00 マインドフルネスアワーにjoin♪U-streamで世界中の人と同時瞑想!!
17:00 解散

※中身はベジタリアンでも食べられる具だと嬉しいな 。



★11:30 の鐘が聞こえたら、わらわらと 橋の上で座りはじめ、瞑想してください。



The detailed schedule:

11:20 Gather at Harajuku
11:30 Flashmob meditation at Harajuku bridge (harajukubashi).
We will start when the bell rings!

11:50 Flashmob ends and we will do walking meditation to park
12:30 Eating meditation (rice ball exchange and potluck)
13:30 Mini-sharing and singing
14:00 Total Relaxation
15:00 Sharing
16:00 Join into "Mindfulness hour" meditate with people around the world
17:00 DOM ends

* Things to bring *
If you can, please bring two or more vegetarian onigiris (rice balls) for potluck.
Other vegetarian dishes and desserts are welcome!
Something to lie down on (e.g. yoga mat)
We will be out all day so please bring sun protection (hat, sunscreen)

Donations are welcome!

* Additional Information *
Any changes will be posted on this page (FB)
If the weather is cloudy or lightly raining, please bring an umbrella
For the flashmob, please sit on the edges so as not to disturb traffic
When you hear the bell at 11:30, please find a place to sit down and meditate
You are welcome to arrive late or leave early, but please let us know