To help transition Japan to a peace promoting post-carbon country while enjoying every step of the process.
僕のビジョンは、祖国日本で、平和文化を育みポストカーボン(Post-Carbon) 社会を促進してゆく事です。

Friday, November 27, 2015

Dec. 4, 2015 Kai Sawyer on Nonviolent Communication - Systems Thinking - Social Change (TOKYO)

Hi Everyone
Been busy transforming myself and looking for deeper ways to bring about radical (root-level) social change. Deepening my understanding of non-violence (ahimsa), systems thinking, and gift economics. I've spent lots of time sharing permaculture, urban permaculture, mindfulness, gift ecology, activism around Japan in many interesting communities. I've just started to realize ho japan is such a diverse country! 

Next year, I'm devoting my time and energy to develop a permaculture and nonviolence dojo somewhere in Chiba. A place for refuge, especially for activists, and a site for training agents of nonviolence. Hope to grow a vibrant forest garden, media center, and training program inspired by places like Schumacher College and the Bullocks Permaculture Homestead. More on that later!

Here is a rare English language event. 
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Nonviolent Communication* - Systems Thinking - Social Change
An introduction to the world of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and an exploration into radical social/organizational change. The goal of the workshop is for each of us to look deeply into what “moves” us, what “moves” others, and how we can connect deeply to that energy of life. 
How do we communicate in our full authenticity while holding others with loving care? How do we shift from a power-over paradigm to a power-with paradigm, where all life matters equally? We will explore these questions through powerful interactive practices.
Please note that the language of this event is English only.
Price: Donation (gift-economy based)
Please read what we mean by donation
Financial or other resources for support are welcome!
Kai Sawyer is a peace activist, student of nonviolence, and permaculture educator. He completed a NVC International Intensive Training (IIT) in 2011, and a year-long NVC Leadership Program in 2014. He is now an assistant for the NVC Leadership Program and teaches Empathetic Communication (aka NVC) workshops all over Japan and the world. Through his project Tokyo Urban Permaculture, Kai teaches NVC, permaculture, mindfulness, systems thinking, youth empowerment, and gift ecology. Currently, he is experimenting with gift economics and he offers almost all workshops and services as a gift (no set price or obligation to pay) to all those interested. 
*Kai is not a CNVC "certified" trainer.


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Published on Nov 18, 2015
On the eve of the most important global climate meeting of our lifetime, hundreds of thousands are hitting the streets worldwide, with love and hope, to show leaders how to lead, and fight for a beautiful, equitable, post-fossil fuel 100% clean energy future. Find your march here: