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Saturday, May 22, 2010

トマト植えとクイズ Planting tomato and quiz

A few days ago Yuriko gave me 3 Japanese tomato starts. 2 Momotaro (Peach Boy) and one Odoriko. She told me that Momotaro is one of her favorite tomatos, and knowing her as a gardener and cook, I trust her judgment. I like black and wine colored tomatoes a lot, and one of the ones I had fun growing in Costa Rica was Tommy Toe from Seed Saver Exchange. Huge loads of very large cherry tomatoes. I'm a fan of cherry tomatoes.

数日前ゆりこさんから日本産のトマトの苗を頂きました。彼女お勧めの桃太郎2つに踊り子1つ。僕は黒やワイン色のトマトが大好きです。西海岸ではブランディーワインという種類が人気です。コスタリカでNPO Seed Saver Exchangeが販売しているトミトーというミニトマトに惚れました。大きな梅/アプリコットの大きさで大量に収穫できます。どちらかというとミニトマトを育てる方がお手軽なので好きです。

For tantalizing tomato varieties and pictures see the SSE site (below)

Sam suggested to plant the tomato into 50% one year old steer manure that he got, and 50% soil mix (made on-site) for drainage. Both Sam and Doug mentioned that tomatoes grow in straight manure and even sewage sludge.


The tomatoes on the site here are grown in pots in the green house or in a garden bed with a hoop-house over it.


(Front Row: Momotaro, Momotaro, Odoriko)

Where did tomatoes originate? What kind of environment did they initially come from?

What are dry farmed tomatoes?
They tend to be much more flavorful, I love them.

What are the top 3 tomato producing countries?

How did tomatoes become such a key ingredient in Italy?

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