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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Robo-farmer 2015

Thought I would add a surreal element of reality to this blog. I believe this student is pulling out a daikon raddish.

Perhaps the increasing unemployed tech-youth will find their niche in techno-farming. It still has yet to be mounted with auto-sensor laser beams to toast bugs and weeds, and water canons to clean veggies. Maybe solar panels and auto-pilot would be good too.....oh, then we could just get rid of the student (representing the aging population of Japanese farmers) and make robo-farmer 2015.

You know the Japanese will go there.

Here is the full article (thanks Marley)


  1. Now we know how the robots will get their tow hold into their take over, not the youthful and tech savvy, but through none other than arthritic farmers!

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