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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ginko Nut

Daver brought some Ginko nuts from the Japanese market on the mainland, so I roasted them up. The last time I was in Japan during the winter, my mom roasted some ginko nuts and I was amazed at how chewy and tasty they were.

I don't think a single intern had ate a ginko nut roasted before, and probably for most it was they first ginko nut that set foot into their mouths. Our question was what is the nutritional content of ginko nut? I'll do some research and update this but if you know any good sources leave me a comment por favor.

Here is info from a company that is selling in bulk (minimum order 1 ton),
"Ginkgo seed contains many nutritional ingredients such as amylum, protein, fatty acid; it also contains mineral substances such as vitamin C, lactochrome, phosphor, iron, kalium, and magnesium."
I wonder if I can find something more specific than that.

Here is more info
According to this website, that references USDA SR-21 for their data, the caloric breakdown of a raw ginkgo nut is:
84% Carbs
8% Fats
8% Protein

"....amino acid ginkgolin has been found by researchers to be concentrated in both the nuts and leaves of the plant. ginkgolin has been clinically shown to increase the blood flow to the brain and improve the memory." -New England Ecological Garden

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