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僕のビジョンは、祖国日本で、平和文化を育みポストカーボン(Post-Carbon) 社会を促進してゆく事です。

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Off days on the farm

Yesterday, it was declared that Tuesday is Pie Day!
Then, the people decided that Wednesday and Thursday should be Pie Days too. Below is pear and peach pie. The fruits were frozen from last years harvest and the crust was made with coconut oil. They were delicious and I was told none of the following pies had sugar added. Just natural fruit sweetness. mmmmm. natural fruit sweetness.
The 100% whole wheat no-knead bread on the right was baked in the dutch oven in harmony of the pies to make use of the oven heat.
Blessed are the pie makers.

At the same time, the usual suspects brew their next generation of the beer. This time is a dark chocolate brew.
....and today after dinner

More pie! This time I think it was quince pie with raisins. But wait.....

A freshly baked apple crispish thing appeared to follow the pie.
For you meat lovers, the left is a locally harvested (aka homesteaded) venison liver quince pie that the British intern made. Its the business!

And as we indulged in the crisp, another tasty surprise,
Dried peaches and cranberries.

Well, this is the hard life we live.
Should I eat two pieces of pie or three pieces?
Tahini or no tahini?

As I write this, there is a salmon dealing session happening.

And while I'm at it, I'll just add a picture from last dinner at Yuriko's event.

It was something like Korean BBQ venison, kabocha stew, avocado salad, light soup, a few other dishes and I made some of my favorite mitarashi dango (sort of like mochi.....NOT the ice cream!).

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